Where to?

Do you often dream about travelling, exploring and going on an adventure either alone or with someone? Maybe you should start considering and have it planned for the future. Travelling doesn't always have to be expensive and not always going to another island or country. Sometimes it is good to try first what is near … Continue reading Where to?


If. There is always an "if" in our lives especially when we are talking about opportunity. Will it make any differences if we did that or this? Ifs can be stressful for they may result into stress and depression. We often forgot that not all opportunities must be taken, it really depends. You should understand … Continue reading If?


I was with my family back to the time when Feast of Immaculate Concepcion was celebrated in my city and while roaming around the small city, we ended in a cafe or restaurant and when we arrived there, the sun was already setting to the west. I found this illuminating lamp post and had the … Continue reading Anticipation


Life is a conundrum filled with multicolored and different shapes of question marks because generally, it is difficult to understand. Without the deep study of science and its scientific explanations we cannot simply explain and understand why things differ to each other when they are just the same creatures or organisms that sprouted from our … Continue reading Conundrum

Beautiful Chaos

Through my journey to the sea side before the sun sets to west , I saw these three chaotic trepidatious ghostly looking prepossesing creepy trees that I found so cool and  alluring. I was amazed, like really, but somewhat I am sensing some strange zing in these trees with thick vines like those of the … Continue reading Beautiful Chaos

Millions of Steps

There was a boy, So young and meek, How tactless how ignorant, Got nothing to think. His world is playground, With friends so exuberant, Life was much easier, No restrictions that were bound. Until one day he got older, Maturity hits so hard, His destiny, his ambition, Millions of steps far. via Daily Prompt: Millions