Auld Lang Syne


Isn’t it sad how things don’t work as they used to? The memories we had when we were young, the happy thoughts with our friends, the parties and joyous activities, the gladness you had with all of your family and relatives and many more. Elsa said from Disney’s Frozen, “The past is in the past”. Well, she is indeed correct but it doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to think about it. Memories are like photographs that remind us what we are and who we really are in the past. Maybe we can’t go back to the Auld lang syne (the good old days) but we can create more best memories with our loved ones and other people. Broken? Move on. Hurt? Let go. Happy? Keep it. Sad? Pray. Success? Be thankful. Never let your memories control you. You control your past. You control your future. Face your fears. Create your life and never let anyone put you down. 🙂


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