“My stranger-friend”

via Daily Prompt: Careful

I met a stranger who became my friend,

We played, we laughed, many stories I shared,

A good friend of mine that is only one,

Oh! Night time has always been so much fun.

Until one day, my mama asked me,

What was I doing in our yard at night lately,

Doesn’t she know I’ve been playing with Shkerky?

A friend who listens to me and my story.

She asked, “Who is that Shkerky?” 

“Is he a neighborhood or a classmate?”

“Why is that I’ve never met him?”

I thought I introduced him already.

I asked my friend to show him to my mama,

He said, “No, I am shy, maybe soon or next time”

Then I wonder I know nothing about the friend of mine,

Told no address, no school, even no surname.

My parents told me not to go outside after 6 pm,

But my friend is already waiting,

I told him to come inside our house,

But my friend had been gone.

I remember, he told me he is a secret,

A friend at night that turned into a creep,

I searched through google the name “Shkerky”,

I found a boy who has been lost for over a century.

I was shocked and curious, I’ve never felt scary,

Is my friend that boy who really looks like him?

I was looking for my friend but he never showed up,

In my dream I saw him covered with red liquid.

I guess I am sure my friend was a something,

Till my family knew my tale with that creepy,

We moved to some place,

Far from my friend Shkerky.


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