What are you?

There are two types of people in this world.

  1. Real/ Natural
  2. Artificial/ Fake

Natural or being real. When we are talking about being real, it talks about how we treat and show them what we really are. If you’re real enough, you will hurt them with the truth rather than putting knives behind their backs. Not good. SO FAKE. ewww …. Loyalty is virtue. Learn to have it.

Another one is the artificial or being a fake. Of course, it is opposite like what I mentioned above, being fake is giving people the satisfaction they want from the words of the lies your tongue spilled. Treating them the way you actually never wanted. You keep insisting them that you love or like them when you actually just want them for your own purposes.

People nowadays can be pretentious so keep your circle small… Be one of the real ones than to be the lying-fake acting-plastic made-freak but it always is up on you to choose, choose what makes you happy, LOL. and before you judge the fakes, make sure you are not one them. So anyways, What are you?

via Daily Prompt: Artificial


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