Where to?

Do you often dream about travelling, exploring and going on an adventure either alone or with someone? Maybe you should start considering and have it planned for the future. Travelling doesn’t always have to be expensive and not always going to another island or country. Sometimes it is good to try first what is near and good. When travelling, we always consider the food, the nature, the cost and the place itself. Depending on our own perception, we either like worth-saving memory to reminisce, the scenery for photography and fun, or just pure vacation and relaxation. If you don’t know much about your place and the tourist attractions near you like beaches, mountains to hike, falls or springs, great resorts, try google searching about it or ask someone or your friends. Foreigners and tourists have come so far just to see the attractions near you, so why wont you? 

When having free time like on the weekend or during holidays, we really love going to somewhere where we can enjoy time since after that we will be suffering from stress and responsibilities on work and education. So give it a try. First, the places near you. Then, the whole world.

Piece of advice: They say going unplanned or just came with an idea to go anywhere is more enjoyable and fun but I still prefer with the planned and organized vacation since it is less stressful because you have prepared for it already. And it is hard when you forget something.


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