“My stranger-friend”

via Daily Prompt: Careful I met a stranger who became my friend, We played, we laughed, many stories I shared, A good friend of mine that is only one, Oh! Night time has always been so much fun. Until one day, my mama asked me, What was I doing in our yard at night lately, … Continue reading “My stranger-friend”


Good Morning

MORNING is a fresh start of everything and a gift from God. So wake up and don't forget to wear your smile. Good Morning 🙂


Nostalgia.... Yes, this is associated with time and when we are talking about time, people think about past. I hate it when I think about past because It always makes me sad. This photo was a silhouette of my dog. When I go home every weekends, I always walk with him to the farm, where … Continue reading Neisthai

Here and Now

"Here and now" is like "sunrise and sunset". The two pairs talk about time and how time moves so fast. Life is good and beautiful just like this photo so let's enjoy it every second we have. Future is unpredictable so let's live for today. 🙂   <a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/discover-challenges/here-and-now/">Here and Now</a>

Quest of Life

The quest that definitely relates me and I guess all of us could is the quest of life. Yeah, we all have this epic quest that necessarily needs to be fulfilled. We keep moving forward by the path leading by our hearts and curiosities. We are like the Greek heroes that were sent into quests … Continue reading Quest of Life


No matter how your heart is grieving if you keep on believing. The dream that you wish will come true. This is indeed right. Our dream is in our hands, we are in control of our future. Problem is never a reason to lose our hope for reaching our goals. It is just a matter … Continue reading Melody

Chill time.

Will you give your self a small break? Relax. Inhale possitivities. Exhale negative vibes. Have a cup of tea or maybe a coffee. Not all things can be achieved by effort, sometimes you must give time some time and trust God that things will work out. opps. I forgot. SMILE 🙂